Discounts available. Free shipping for any purchase over $39. An additional 10% discount on any order over $69 or 20% discount for $199 or more.

Discounts available. Free shipping for any purchase over $39. An additional 10% discount on any order over $69 or 20% discount for $199 or more.

Dog Breed Sets

We often have a variety of items for different breeds. Why be stuck with just one part of the collection. Here you can find earrings, necklaces, key chains and much more grouped by dog breed. Take a look and get the entire set at a huge discount.

About Us

Like others, we sell what we love. Earrings designed for the most discriminating taste, but that does not mean that everybody has the same taste, so we know that we can find something that will thrill each of you too.

Over the years, we have gathered an entire wall of wonderful earrings -- fun, elegant, serious, whimsical, holiday specific and general earrings for all seasons. But one can never have too many choices when it comes to adorning ones ears, right? There’s nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through.

We are not professional sales people.

Francie at the first Equitana

Francie has a degree in Genetics with minors in Anatomy and Physiology. It is no surprise that one of our best selling collections is Science based <link to Science set>. Caspian HorseShe managed the entire Genetic Base of the Critically Endangered Species of Caspian Horses in the North American Continent, winning the very first Endangered Species award along the way.

She developed an entirely new breed of dogs in the 1980's called Silken Windhounds, that are now one of the newest recognized breeds of dogs and are represented in 23 different countries from Silken Windhound Puppies Bolero and Blue BoyouSouth Africa to Norway, Japan to Mexico, as well as nearly every state in the union.

Charlotte specializes in helping wounded vets develop Service Dogs specially trained for their specific needs. Did you see the (German Shepherd, Dachshund, Bull Terrier, Greyhound) sets? Those arise from knowing that every breed has its proponents, but where do you find earrings or other jewelry to highlight your own special breed?

One of the neat parts is that with this business, we can give back.

Ten percent of our profits is ALWAYS dedicated to humanitarian efforts around the globe. This type of giving back is one of the most gratifying things that we have ever been allowed to do. We don't need the money at this point in our lives, but we can always use the warm feeling that comes from helping others.

What does this have to do with selling earrings?

Well, nothing and then again, everything. We are normal people who like beautiful things. We bet that you do too.